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Tube Art by Marc Rust

Sculpture from sparklemachine.com

Holy 3-D Printing!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Too late for this year, but now I know what I want for Christmas. This is revolutionary! I can already imagine the possibilities. And it's from Sears. Well, it's not totally printing, but this will allow you to cut up, down, sideways, in and out all from the same machine. This all is one is about $1800 and works from your computer or memory card (mac?). This the true age of D.I.Y. and I love it.
It's made by Craftsman. (thanks to make).
Here's another cool link on the machine before it was brought over by Sears maybe.

  1. Blogger Nanda said:

    Flippin' A - SO cool! Maybe the price will go down once others do that copy cat thing?! Then, I'll get one for sure !!

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