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Tube Art by Marc Rust

Sculpture from sparklemachine.com


Monday, December 11, 2006

I have to admit I like some of Jeff Koons' work. I like the oversized stuff. Eventhough he is known for being kind of a weird person, he sure has an eye. If you haven't see the blue dog in person, you should.

You can see it at the Wexner Center Galleries Sat, Sep 16 - Sun, Dec 31, 2006

Would look really nice with one of my sculptures...

This bright, playful exhibition examines our culture's love of luxury, spectacle, shiny things, and our own reflections. Many of the works in Shiny play with the commodity status of art, both embracing and slyly critiquing conspicuous display. You'll watch Andy Warhol's helium-filled Silver Clouds floating sensuously on air currents and see yourself and the Wexner Center's architecture reflected in the shimmering surfaces of Jeff Koons's 10-foot-tall Balloon Dog. Other artists in the exhibition are Rachel Harrison, Jim Hodges, Louise Lawler, former Wexner Center Residency Award recipient Josiah McElheny, Michael Minelli, Mai-Thu Perret, and Kelley Walker. Most of their works were created in the last five years, and Minelli, a sculptor based in Los Angeles, exhibits a new piece commissioned by the Wexner Center specifically for the show.

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