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Tube Art by Marc Rust

Sculpture from sparklemachine.com

Where has Juxtapoz gone?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Juxtapoz used to be my favorite magazine. It covered some of the coolest art I have ever seen. The magazine helped me discover people like Mark Ryden and other fascinating artists. I found it inspirational. Also, I subscribed to it and then even put an ad in it promoting sparklemachine.com.

However, I do have to admit that the publication has recently taken a sharp turn for the worst. Now it covers artist that look more and more all the same and tend to copy each other like crazy. If I see another Ryden or McPherson rip-off I think I am going to... Also, please diversify a little, enough with the borderline porn dirty art that just looks gross. Where is the inspiration? Where is the real art? They use to cover almost anything between hot rod art and the renaissance. Oh well, maybe it's just me.

  1. Blogger Nanda said:

    I agree, it used to be super cool and totally original, now it is almost embarrassing to read in public, nervous that someone will look over your shoulder on the bus and see the pervert stuff. Having someone think you are a perv yourself!
    Too bad. Maybe we should write a letter to the editor and ask what happened? Maybe the magazine is being held captive and some psycho artist is making them drink prune juice and publish this crap!

  1. Blogger sparklemachine said:

    The Pycho artist is Robert Williams... and he is kind of a perv.

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