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Tube Art by Marc Rust

Sculpture from sparklemachine.com

TV Museum

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Here is a really cool link I found on vintage TVs. I like this kinda stuff because of the sculptures I do (sparklemachine.com). This guy has just about every old model you can think about. I wish TVs nowadays looked as cool as some of these...

We have an old TV box that the cats use to sit in.

  1. Blogger Nanda said:

    That site is sweet with all the old TV's, I agree, wouldn't it be cool if someone came out with a new television in the old style looking box? Although, it is too big now for most people's styles, I mean, people hang the new fancy ones on the wall like a piece of artwork! Kind of weird if you *think* about it. TV as artwork on the wall? What ever happened to a nice game of cards? Sitting around listening to the radio? Or, even, a conversation!!?? (Did I bring my comment too far? I think so. I better stop now...) Thanks for the neat site - I like your style.

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